Expert Petroleum:

  • Is an agile and lean organization specialized in mature oil and gas fields operations optimization, workforce development, energy efficiencies, production and reserves enhancement.
  • Operates 18 mature oil and gas fields with 600 producing wells, employing 1000 people with a focus on Europe, Central Asia and North Africa.
  • Is Part of the GMS holdings group which is a large private family investment group of diversified international businesses and has also the financial back-up of EBRD.
  • Improves QHSE performance, reduces operating costs and maximizes production and reserves of through long term production enhancement service contracts (PEC).

In a Production Enhancement Contract (PEC) the resources holder:

  •  Increases its Return On Capital Employed (ROCE) : Expert Petroleum manages and finances Capex and Opex.
  • Keeps control of the license, reserves and production: The PEC is 15+10 years’ service contract (no equity).
  • Increases the operations efficiency to extend the economic life of the fields: Expert Petroleum lean organization takes over the operations which are then managed by a Joint Management Committee (JMC).
  • Increases its production and reserves: Expert Petroleum commits to a minimum capex program and a level of incremental production.
  • Rehabilitates the fields to be in line with latest Environmental constraints: Expert Petroleum modernizes and optimizes surface facilities to reduce footprint, increase Energy efficiencies, reduce Green House Gas emission, freshwater usage.