Production Enhancement Contracts in West Romania

Expert Petroleum is a leading Oil and Gas operator in Romania with more than 1000 employees, currently operating and enhancing 18 mature oil and gas fields with 600 producing wells.


Expert Petroleum operates in Romania for OMV 6,000 boe/d through two Production Enhancement Contracts (PEC) of 25 years (15+10).

Since 2013 Expert Petroleum invested more than 50M USD in Capex in these fields and increased the production by more than 70% compare to baseline, with a systematic and innovative analytical approach to identify:

  • Surface facilities bottlenecks
  • Artificial lift, flow assurance, maintenance and wells interventions optimizations opportunities.
  • New workovers (perforations, recompletion, hydraulic fracturing, water shut off, gravel packs…) and new wells candidates

Expert Petroleum also reduced with a thorough Field Operations Optimization Program:

  • The Opex/boe by 45%
  • The Green House Gas intensity (tCo2 eq/toe) by 65%
  • Freshwater Withdrawal Intensity by 60%
  • Energy Intensity Coefficient by a factor of 3