Best Environmental Performance Award

premiu micOn May, 29th 2017, the CEO and the Members of the board of OMV Petrom awarded Expert Petroleum (PEC Timis) with Best GHG and Water performance in OMV Petrom / Non Operated Assets:

  • The greatest reduction of GHG Intensity (46%) in 2016 versus 2015; PEC Timis replaced the old technology at De-gasolination Plant Calacea with LTS; parks transformed in collecting points; improvements at compressors stations;
  • The greatest reduction of Freshwater Intensity (47%) in 2016 versus 2015
  • The greatest reduction of Water Withdrawal (280,000 m3) in 2016 versus 2015; Improved technology:  Parks conversion into skids (Downsizing), thus no water use in the new facilities (Parks 3 and 4 Calacea, Park 11 Satchinez)