We enhance mature Oil & Gas fields to make them safer, greener, more productive and more profitable for a longer time.

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line Partner to Increase Production in Ukraine icon

September 14, 2020
XP ensures the increase in production on Naftogaz depleted fields in the Western Ukraine. From October 1, the international company Expert Petroleum will commence production enhancement operations at 13 depleted gas fields in the Lviv region. The company receives these fields for temporary use from Naftogaz Group provided that it will invest at least 1 BUAH […]
2019 Sustainability Report
July 25, 2020

On July 24th, 2020, Expert Petroleum (XP) published its 3rd Sustainability Report, for the operations conducted in 2019 in Romania. The report has been developed in line with the latest EU requirements for reports on the social and environmental impacts of our activities and according to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (Core option and G4 […]


We enhance mature oil&gas fields to make them safer, cleaner, and more productive line